A new Paradigm is born

A new Paradigm is born

2024: Introducing OCTOGON 360 for Festivals and other Venues

Daniel Cantero - Octogon 360 - 02

Introducing OCTOGON 360 – the revolutionary audiovisual system designed specifically for live electronic music events.

This groundbreaking system is the result of years of research and development, aimed at creating an unparalleled immersive experience for both performers and audiences. With a unique eight-sided design and 360-degree coverage, OCTOGON 360 delivers crystal-clear sound that fills every corner of the venue, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable experience thanks to its patented technology called OCTOSONICS™.

Daniel Cantero is the mastermind behind this new and disruptive technology that’s going to change the way you enjoy live events, establishing a new standard for sound experience in live venues.

A new Paradigm is born. Enjoy!


Octogon 360 - KAOS_350x350
11NOV--ClubLaarm-350x350- Octogon
Anonymous Hardtek - octogon 360
Octogon 360 GoaTrip_28Nov_350X350


221204 DAVID MEISER - 20 adm - Octogon 360
230114 DJ NERYN - OCTOGON 360


OCTOGON 360- Laboratorio Octogon -Mainfloor-Front-Logo_on-open-(Red)
OCTOGON 360 Laboratorio Octogon -Lighting-Side_A
OCTOGON 360 Laboratorio Octogon -Mainfloor-Left_side-open-(Blue)
OCTOGON 360 Laboratorio Octogon-Bar
OCTOGON 360 Laboratorio Octogon -Interactive_Area